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The price of Overnight Camp is much more affordable!
Let us share with you why and how.


Our- mission

We always have and always will believe every child needs an experience like Heartland Camps.

They need to know their Creator knows and loves them, and to experience that love through new friends and counselors. They need a week spent outside, away from screens, with the freedom to play and just be a kid.

The realization

Shortly after the 2018 season came to a close, we realized our camp prices were no longer accessible to many families.

While donations always have and will continue to enable us to set the price of camp at a fraction of the actual cost, something still had to change. We had to find a way to lower the price of camp for our families.

The new cost of Overnight Camp is $399

The solution

We're excited to share with you the solution which enables the quality of our programs to remain premier and the cost of our camps to drop.

We’ve spent the past couple months strategizing and prayerfully considering various ways to maximize our program and its accessibility. We’ve landed on a strategy that amplifies our existing funds.

Heartland has always been supported by the generosity of Heartland and Northern Kansas Presbyteries, individual congregations and donors. So each child can receive a larger portion of these donations, we’re limiting the number of Overnight Camp spots. By doing this, we will deliver the highest quality experience at a fraction of the price.

This year there will be 100 less Overnight Camp spots than in 2018.

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Benefits For your camper

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  • Heartland’s mission dollars will go further. Your child will receive a larger subsidy towards their camp cost.

  • Your camper’s group will be the perfect size for their age group, never too big or small.

  • Every dollar you donate goes towards camper scholarships. Thank you donors for helping make this mission possible!

  • This change enables Heartland to be better stewards of our resources. We can predict the number of campers, supplies, t-shirts, etc. This means there’s less waste all around, helping God’s creation and your camper.

  • Small groups will better represent the Body of Christ by allowing campers from all economic backgrounds to build communities in our programs.  

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How many spots will be available this year?

To implement these changes, camp spots will be reduced by 113. We will have 347 spots available. Because there are limited spots, we wanted to share with you, our returning parents, this news first.

Will there be more spots next year?

We certainly hope there will be more spots next year! Our goal is to provide Christ-centered summer camps to as many children as possible.

The number of spots next year is determined by our fundraising. The long term vision is to sustainably increase fundraising to add more weeks of camp. The number of spots for 2020 will be dependent on the generosity of our donors. Donate here to help a child come to camp.

With a limited number of spots, will my child still have a spot at camp?

We are expecting to fill all of our  camp spots next year. Since the number of spots is determined by fundraising, we will be unable to open up new camps as camps fill. Sadly, this might mean that people will not be able to attend camp this year.*

It is likely that several camps and dates will fill quickly. We are encouraging all our families to enroll as soon as they are able. We will advertise our new price to families in the community starting January 1st, make sure to enroll in your first choice by then!

*Stationary Day Camp spots are not limited, and Traveling Day Camp spots depend on the church.

What changes have been made?

So just to recap, we have thrown a lot at you. The changes for next summer are:

  • New summer schedule - All of our Overnight Camps are now in July.

  • New Overnight Camp price - All week-long Overnight Camps are $399. Half-week camps are $159 (Explorers)  and $239 (Trailblazers).

  • Limited overnight spots - There will be 347 Overnight Camp spots for next summer.

What hasn’t changed? The quality of our camps. We are still committed to small groups, highly trained college counselors, Christ centered programming, and awesome activities.

Can I change my camp dates?

You will be able to change your week of camp for no additional charge as long as spots exist. We will not be able to guarantee a spot in any week since camps will fill.

If plans change as summer approaches, you will be able to withdraw from your week of camp for no charge until April 30th. If you withdraw after April 30th your $100 deposit will be non-refundable.

What’s the new schedule?

This year Overnight Camps will be offered 4 weeks in July. Within those four weeks there are multiple camp options-new, classic, and for all ages. Make sure to check all the options within your camper’s age group to see which fits them best! Open the new overnight schedule here.


Does this change Traveling Day Camps and Stationary Day Camps?

Day Camp pricing will remain the same. We desire for as many families to receive the services of a high-quality, faith-building childcare provider, which is why scholarships will be available as needed. The cost for Stationary Parkville and Olathe Day Camps is $205/week.

Traveling Day Camp prices are dependent on the individual church and any pricing questions should be sent to the church coordinator. If you do not know who your church coordinator is, please let us know and we’d love to introduce you.

All campers who are registered for Parkville and Olathe Day Camp before December 31st will receive a 15% discount. There will be no discount after Dec 31st. As always, scholarships are available.

Is there still a 15% discount for camps this year?

The 15% discount is still applicable to several of our camps, see the outline below.

The 15% discount is not applicable and the price has been reduced for the following camps:

  • Overnight Camp

The 15% discount is not applicable and the price has not been reduced for the following camps:

  • Traveling Day Camp

The 15% discount is applicable through December 31st for the following camps and prices have not been reduced:

  • Stationary Day Camp (Olathe and Parkville)

  • Family Camp

  • Grandparent Camp

Overnight Camp is already discounted for the year. The new price is 28% lower than last year’s price and 55% off the total cost of camp. There is no registration deadline, though we do expect certain camps to fill by January 1st.

Day Camp, Family Camp and Grandparent Camp will have our traditional 15% discount. That discount will be available through December 31st.

A note for our veteran parents, there will not be a 10% discount this year.

What about donations and tiered pricing?

We strive to to share the love of Jesus with as many campers as we can This summer we will serve 347 Overnight Campers, and in future summers we want to provide camp for even more. To do so, we will need to increase our fundraising.

That is where you come in. Every dollar donated helps bring another child to Overnight Camp. On our application you will see tiered pricing*. In choosing tier two ($599) or three ($899) you are giving your child a week of faith building and making camp more affordable for future generations.

*when you chose tiered pricing, you are making a tax deductible donation.

Still have questions?


For you and for God,
we are grateful

We are excited to share this news with you during our 60th year of camping. This year allowed us to reflect on what God’s done, is currently doing, and what God will continue to do in this place. It’s beautiful to see how God moves through the structure of camp to draw people closer to the Spirit. We’re grateful that this change supports the integrity of our program and ability to continue to thrive for 60 more years.

We are so thankful for God’s guidance and example of grace and humility in this time, and grateful for what God continues to reveal to us.


Your Heartland Family

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