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We exist to build relationships and impact lives for Jesus Christ. Jesus was incredibly relational, he cared deeply for people and spent time investing in their lives. We want every camper, volunteer, and staff member that comes to our camp to feel at home, to be individually known, and to grow deeper in love with their God.

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This will be a summer unlike any other, it won't be perfect or easy, but it will be worth it. Overcoming challenges through leaning on a community of 80 like-minded staff and the persistent grace of our God leads to deep joy, belonging, and love. This summer you will find s'mores, games, late night adventures, worship, community, and a love that never fails. You will find God's Kingdom come to Earth.


Day Camp Counselors

  • First Session - May 19-June 30

  • Second Session - June 30-August 11

  • Lifer - May 19-August 5 - The week of July fourth is a vacation week.

Overnight Counselors

  • June 15- August 10

Media Team - May 19-August 4

Leadership staff - May 13-August 4

  • Pay - $1,400 to $3,300 over the course of a summer

  • Room - Stay in staff housing all summer, WiFi and laundry included

  • Board - Meals provided

  • Time off - Staff have Friday night to Sunday afternoon off to explore camp or go off site.

We serve in response to the earth shattering reality of Jesus' resurrection, news so good that we can't help but share it with others. Will you join us? Come experience the Kingdom; genuine community, fellowship with your Creator, and the knowledge you changed lives forever. The Kingdom is calling, find your place in it.

 Not your typical office, but it will do.

Not your typical office, but it will do.

Heartland is a place; yeah, but honestly, it’s a family... Here I feel like it’s such a loving community, you can tell anyone anything and trust they will still be there.
— Stephen, counselor
 They may be crazy, but you wouldn't be caught dead without them.

They may be crazy, but you wouldn't be caught dead without them.

Every year I come back here I grow more confident in who the Lord made me to be.
— Alison, Videographer
 Who knows, you may find the love of your life...

Who knows, you may find the love of your life...

 Yea, he's getting paid to do that.

Yea, he's getting paid to do that.

Why should you be here? Because God is everywhere yet here it is tangible... You can’t come here and miss God
— Ama, Counselor
 When laying down is part of your job

When laying down is part of your job

 We are excited for you to join the family, are you ready?

We are excited for you to join the family, are you ready?

Every single summer I am here my relationship with the Lord grows deeper and deeper
— Alison, Counselor

Summer Staff Positions

Program Leadership

Media Internships

 Interns at the Sea of Galillee.

Interns at the Sea of Galillee.

Cornerstone Internship

Lead     |     Inspire     |     Grow

The Heartland Cornerstone Internship is a year-long faith immersion experience. You’ll grow, serve, and gain skills in various ministries to prepare you for a lifetime of service. From traveling to Israel to pairing with a local church and youth ministry, we’re dedicated to helping you and the intern community discern your next step in ministry. Eager for more? To apply, learn more, or contact us, keep on reading!

Who We Are

“Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of His household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.”

At Heartland, we believe that camp and church ministries are powerful faith immersion experiences that form deep, life-long connections in the Body of Christ.  Heartland’s Cornerstone Internship is a year-long, hands-on experience that focuses on serving with Heartland's camp and retreat ministries, as well as, serving with a local church program. Interns will live in an intentional Christian community while fostering the discernment of their future in ministry.

Community Life

The interns are a group of people who encourage and challenge each other in their personal faith journey while discerning the next step God is calling them to. During their discernment, full time staff support and teach participants about different elements of camp life and ministry. Likewise, each intern is paired with a church around the Kansas City metro to work with each week. This partnership allows interns to learn weekly church ministry as well as camp ministry. Interns are provided housing on site in Parkville, Missouri. Being from different places around the U.S. and beyond, intern classes have the unique opportunity to go deeper in intentional Christian community with brothers and sisters in the program.

Desired outcomes

  • To provide tools for ministry effectiveness in Christian leaders

  • To serve as a catalyst for the participant into professional ministry (Camping, church, other)

  • To develop and prepare Christian leadership for a lifetime of service, no matter the calling

  • To provide a community whose identity is rooted in Jesus Christ

  • To build relationships and impact lives for Jesus Christ

At the end of the twelve-month internship, a successful participant will have the practical hands-on experience and education necessary to start a professional career in Christian camping or church ministry.

now accepting 2019-2020 applications




Israel Trip

In the month of January we make our way to Israel for two weeks to walk in the footsteps of Christ. There is something incredibly unique and powerful about being in the land that God set apart for His people. Through this trip scripture comes alive, seeing the Bible in color for the first time. Heartland believes this is critical in your own personal faith development and in your ability to share the Good News with others, in your daily life as well as professional ministry.

Sample Trip:

As part of the Israel trip interns will participate in a fundraising course and raise $2,000 toward the cost of the trip. Because we believe so strongly in the impact of this trip Heartland will pay the remainder of the cost!

Fall and Spring Camping Conferences

These are camp and conference ministry events that provide networking opportunities as well as expand upon your knowledge of other camps around the country. Hearing how other people run Christian camps is an extremely helpful resource for anyone who is discerning or following a call into ministry.



Participants are partnered with local churches to work with their children or youth ministry programs. Learn under the direction and supervision of a church ministry professional as you plan, prepare, and lead various aspects of a Christian Education Program.


Work with Heartland’s program department on a variety of tasks to prepare for the upcoming summer season. Tasks include: administration and planning, promotion and marketing, day-to-day operations, curriculum development, staff recruiting and camp promotional visits.


Participants work in three distinct areas of our retreat ministry program:

Hospitality: Participate in hosting retreat groups at Heartland Center.  Welcome and orientate arriving groups to Heartland and assist in site preparation and breakdown

Support services: Be trained and work with our food service, housekeeping and maintenance departments

Activities: Be trained and help as a facilitator in Heartland’s activities program leading small group experiences on high and low challenge courses, horseback rides, and archery


Book Studies:

Over the course of the year Cornerstone participants will study 4 books covering topics like Christian identity, leadership, Christian life, and practical ministry skills.


These workshops will be taught by different directors at camp and professionals connected to Heartland. They will cover several areas of camp and youth ministry. The topics of these workshops include, but are not limited to: Non profit organization, fundraising in a non-profit context, practicing spiritual disciplines in ministry and organizational strategies.

Ministry with Children and Youth:

Through training and practical experience with youth or children’s ministry in a church and camp setting, Cornerstone Students will become proficient in: understanding adolescent development, behavior management techniques, teaching the Bible and utilizing appropriate learning styles.

Community Night:

Each week, interns will participate in community night. During this time interns discuss readings, weekly experiences, their faith and enjoy a meal and recreation together.




  • Orientation and training

  • Assist with the 4th-6th grade retreat

  • Food service and housekeeping

  • Church ministry pairing and orientation

  • Facilitate horse rides & ropes course groups

  • Fundraising Course

  • Mentor pairing

  • Camp promotion, recruiting, and planning

  • Curriculum development

  • Fall camp and conference event
    (all expenses paid)

  • PCCCA Focus Event (all expenses paid)

  • Preparation study for Israel

  • Fundraising for Israel




  • Trip to Israel

  • All interns will be given the opportunity to visit the Holy Land on a 2 week educational tour

  • If travel to Israel is determined unsafe by the US State Department and alternative experience will be planned if possible

  • Summer camp staff recruiting trips to area colleges

  • Assist with the annual CampFam Retreat

  • Summer camp promotion and program development

  • CCCA Event: Networking and Continuing Education



  • Summer camp preparation

  • Summer camp promotion and program development

  • Facilitate horse rides, ropes course groups, and archery

  • Food service and housekeeping

  • Summer staff recruiting and camp promotion



  • Summer camp staff orientation

  • Summer camp

  • All interns will work with their assigned church youth/children for a week during the summer (ex: mission trip, VBS etc.)





*This is a sample schedule, actual
timeline may vary



Weekly Gift

Officially Cornerstone participants are considered volunteers. However, participants receive a weekly gift of $150 per week ($600 a month) from donations made by local churches to cover their personal expenses.

Loan Forgiveness

Loan forgiveness, up to $250 a month while you are in the program, is available to anyone who is a member of a PCUSA church.



Fully furnished housing will be provided at camp as well as a fully furnished kitchen.  Food will also be provided when meals are served in our dining hall.  You will receive a monthly stipend for meals that are not provided on-site.


Participants are given the tools, space and time needed to create an intentional and life giving community together during your time in the Cornerstone Program.  It has the potential to be life changing and to inspire spiritual growth for all involved. Participants get out of the community what they put in.




No open positions at this time. Check back later!



Heartland Presbyterian Center is committed to ensuring that all current and prospective employees are afforded equal opportunities and treatment.  Heartland Center  provides equal employment opportunities in accordance with all federal, state and local laws for all without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital and family status, veteran status, sexual orientation, and disabilities (mental and/or physical), except where a bona fide occupational qualification exists.