Did Someone
Say Camp!?

Heartland wants to bring camp to you- for free! Our event team is excited to provide our two person inflatable obstacle course, along with the use of our Gaga Ball pit, ‘9-square-in-the-air’ game, and all the ingredients for a great campfire. (S’mores included!)

We would love to help make your event great! (See interest form below.)

What's the catch?

There’s no catch. By booking our event crew, you are letting us get the word out about camp and all we do here, that’s all we need! We bring with us a team of staffers equipped to answer questions about serving here, or sending a child to camp. If you would like to know more about Heartland Camps go here.

As always, we're free of charge. If you'd like to make a donation to our Camper Scholarship Fund you can do so here.


Fast Facts

  • We typically do not attend events with less than 250 attendees.

  • We will be able to provide at least 2 volunteers for set up and take down 90 minutes before and after the event.

  • We require three outlets on two separate circuits or two 2500W (min.) generators with an output of at least 14.0 A (generator #1) & 27.0 A (generator #2). Examples of generators needed to power our three blowers can be found here & here.

  • We require a flat area similar to the dimensions of 45’ L x 33’ W x 15’ H for the inflatable

  • We will not be able to bring Event Crew to your event under these weather conditions: temperatures below 50°f, winds exceed 20mph, or rain, thunder and/or lightning is present.

  • We do not provide independent childcare at events, children must be supervised by a guardian, unless someone else is providing a childcare program at your event.

We'd Love to be
There for Your 

  • College fair

  • Sporting event

  • Fall Festival

  • Fundraiser

  • Community Event

  • Church Event

  • School Carnival

  • & More!

Interested in booking us?

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Event participant?

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Got Questions?

We have answers. Feel free to email Catherine Norwood at Marketing@heartlandcenter.org with your questions and comments.