At Heartland we have a passion for building relationships centered around Jesus Christ and sharing God’s unwavering love and grace with everyone who comes to camp. We believe that our staff are essential to our ministry, and we’re looking for some awesome relational staff to come serve with us this summer.

best. job. ever.

In a summer at Heartland, you’re not just working. You’re hanging out in God’s creation every day, having shaving cream wars, jamming out to camp songs, and eating the most delicious s’mores. (Yeah, it’s even more fun than it sounds.) While this job isn’t necessarily easy or perfect, it is worthwhile. You’re making a difference in kids’ lives, and while you may not realize it at the time, they’re making a difference in yours, too.

As a staff member, whether you’re with kids all day every day or you interact with them only while they go to the dining hall or ropes course, you’re ministering to them and showing God’s love in all that you do. You’re leading them with a contagious joy and energy that they can take back home to their friends and families. You’re making camp a place where they can truly be themselves, knowing that they are fully known and loved.

There’s no doubt working at Heartland will change your life. Yes, you’ll get paid, have housing and food, and have something to keep you busy all summer, but you’ll also gain practical professional skills to show off to your future employers. You’re building your resume, gaining a community of people who love you unconditionally, and developing practices that will help you continue to grow mentally and spiritually.

Land the best job ever. Come serve with us.