• Dan Scheneman, Executive Director

  • Michael Megraw, Associate Executive Director

  • Erin Pitts, Secretary

  • Emma Acker, Hospitality Coordinator

  • Cheryl Keimig, Hospitality Assistant

  • Jared Briscoe, Overnight Camp Program Director

  • Emma Norwood, Day Camp Program Director

  • Catherine Norwood, Marketing and Recruitment Director

  • Luke Boydston, Hospitality Maintenance Associate

  • Gary McQuerrey, Program Maintenance Associate

  • Debbie Raines, Camp Registrar

  • Diana Thomas, Bookkeeper

  • Nicole Baker, Kitchen Manager

  • Dana Hutchens, Housekeeper

  • Tammie Corriston, Housekeeper

  • Luci Gutierrez, Housekeeper

To contact any of our staff please send an email by clicking here: Contact Us or calling our office at: 816-891-1078.

Board of Directors

Meet the Board President: Rev. Teresa Ingle


Currently finishing her sixth year as a member of the Board of Directors here at Heartland Center The Reverend Teresa Ingle is a minister member of The Presbytery of Northern Kansas whose members, along with the members of Heartland Presbytery, have had the privilege of enjoying this place we call Heartland Center, a marvelous gift from God, for many decades. Read more.

Class of 2018

  • Mike Kruse

  • Rev. Mark Moon

  • Laura Ozenberger

  • Rev. William Parrott

  • Rev. John Swisher

  • Jeremy Thoman

Class of 2019

  • Rev. Teresa Ingle

  • Rev. Liz Lindsey

  • Rev. Clare Lozano

  • Gary Oberlander

  • Larry Williams

Class of 2020

  • David Christianson

  • Bill Eckhardt

  • Sue Ann Seel

  • Tim Suarez

  • Rev. Jim Wann


  • Rev. Sally Wright