A $100 deposit is required to register for week long overnight camps and a $75.00 deposit is required for each week of Olathe and Parkville Day Camps. Should you need to change camp dates, no extra fee is charged.  You can pay installments or all at once. The full cost of camp must be paid by the first day of camp.

How to Register

Register online or print and mail in your registration.  You may also call 816-891-1078 on MWF anytime between 9am and 2pm and speak with our Registrar Debbie Raines to be registered by phone.

Register Early

Most camp sessions fill completely. Some, such as Horse Camps, Challenge Camp, and Highlander Camps fill up quickly.

Don't put it off!  Register now to save your spot! 

Roommate Request

Yes, your child can make one roommate request. Check with your friends or church to find out who else might be attending the same week as your child. Some churches keep a list of who’s attending so that families can coordinate schedules and carpooling.

Drop Off and Pick Up

When You Arrive

When You Depart

Early Pick Up

 All early pick-ups need to be confirmed in writing to the Program Director.  The director of day camp will arrange that with you. A parent or guardian that has been authorized at registration time will need to sign your camper out.

Pick Up Safety

At drop-off, you will sign your camper in and indicate the person coming to pick-up your camper. We will check adults against this list as well as check their ID at pick-up.  We cannot send your camper home with someone not on the list or does not have the ID to match to the name—unless we receive written permission from you in advance.


Heartland Camp interviews and selects exceptional and qualified Christian young adults who will be camp directors, counselors and other staff (such as horse wranglers or kitchen crew).  The camp performs national and local background checks on each applicant, and trains those who are hired for their particular positions.  The staff also completes a two week training session.  Counselors are at least 18 years old.

All staff are CPR/First Aid trained and certified should any emergency situation arise. 

Safety and Medical:


We understand and value the trust that parents bestow on us with the care of their child. We value that trust and take our responsibility seriously. Safety is our foremost concern in all we do at Camp. Our summer and full time staff are carefully screened, trained, and dedicated to a high level of safety in all activities. Our facilities and outdoor equipment are tested, maintained, and certified.  Our program is American Camp Association accredited, which is the highest standard of safety accreditation in the camping industry. 

Inclement Weather

Heartland Camp monitors the National Weather Service radio 24 hours a day. Whenever Heartland is included in tornado or severe thunderstorm watches, we move all campers close to areas of shelter, and move them into shelters during warnings.  The pools, horseback rides or challenge courses are not used when lightning is near. We monitor camper’s water intake throughout the day and are especially aware during heat advisories.

Medical Care and Policies

Heartland follows all medical policies given by the American Camp Association

All staff are trained in First Aid and CPR and are on-site and available 24 hours per day.  Each day, an RN visits to care for any ill children. Sick children are isolated from other campers and parents will be called to bring sick campers home as necessary. 

Health Forms

Heartland requires that all parents/guardians fill out a camper medical form to have on file.  These forms help our medical staff know your camper’s medical history in the event they are sick. These forms are confidential and will be destroyed each year, governed by HIPPA laws. 


Medications are distributed at breakfast, lunch, activities, dinner, and bedtime.  All medications MUST include the prescription for the specified camper. Over-the-counter medications approved by parents/guardians are given at the discretion of the camp medical staff and is provided by camp at no additional cost.  The over-the-counter medications that are available are listed on the camper health form and approved by parents/guardians prior to the camper's time at camp. 


Heartland Camp is served by 911 emergency services.  Parents will be notified any time a camper requires more than basic first aid treatment.  Your signature on the health form gives emergency services permission to treat your child if you cannot be reached in advance and gives Heartland Camp permission to provide the over-the-counter medications listed on the health form.


Health insurance is the responsibility of camper parents or guardians.  Heartland Camp will secure proper medical attention when necessary, but costs are the responsibility of parents or guardians.  NOTE:  Heartland  Camp is covered by liability insurance.

Food Allergies

Heartland works closely with parents of campers with food allergies to provide tasty alternatives and ensure a positive dining experience during their time at camp.  Please be sure to note any food allergies on the medical form and notify Heartland at least one week prior to your child’s camp session. 


Our staff is excellent in working with and helping homesick campers deal with homesickness.  It is very rare for one of our campers to leave camp early due to homesickness.  The best way for a camper to remain homesick is when you say you will come get them.  Please do not promise your child that if they are homesick you will come pick them up.  Campers who are homesick usually grow tremendously during their time at camp, and are proud of themselves when the week is over and they see how much they have personally accomplished.

If at any time you are worried about your camper being homesick,  we invite you to call our office and speak with one of our Program Directors who would love to talk with you about your child.

For cases of persistent homesickness, parents will be notified to discuss a homesick plan created your child.


Camp needs to be a safe place for everyone.  All campers are instructed to treat each other as they would like others to treat them.  They are also required to follow the directions of camp staff.  If a child is unable to do either, they will be reminded of camp rules, separated from activities for a short time or re-directed and given a chance to change their behavior.  If campers repeatedly disrespect or harm other campers or staff, parents will be notified.  Campers who are unable to interact at camp in a positive way will be sent home. Some infractions are serious enough to warrant campers being sent home without warning.

NOTE:  Camp can be a safe place for campers to learn positive conflict resolution.  Campers are encouraged to air frustrations with other campers and staff in a positive way. Campers are supported and supervised as they navigate their way to positive resolution.  Our counselors are trained to teach campers positive ways to express frustration and seek solutions.


Sending Food

Please do not send food.  Meals at camp are kid tested, nutritional and prepared by qualified staff.  Snacks are provided in the afternoon and evening.  

Food Allergies

Heartland works closely with parents of campers with food allergies to provide tasty alternatives to ensure a positive dining experience during their time at camp.  Please be sure to note any food allergies on the Medical Form and notify Heartland at least one week prior to your child’s camp session. 


Cell Phone Policy

 Cell phones are distracting to camp life and are a constant temptation to use and check, we ask campers not bring them.  Please be assured that we will care for your camper and notify you of any emergency. All cell phones will be turned into the office for safe keeping and will be available to pick up at the end of the camper's stay.

In the event of an emergency we do allow campers to use our office phones.  One of the directors will be in touch with the parent/guardian in cases of emergency, homesickness, health or discipline issues.  If you need to have a message passed on to your camper, please call our office and a message will be taken. 


Receiving mail is one of the highlights of the week for many campers.  Encouraging words to a child who is at camp for the first time can improve their experience.  Please address the mail in the following way:

Camper’s Name & Camp Name

16965 NW 45 Hwy

Parkville, MO 64152


Emails can be purchased through your “camp-in-touch” account after registration.

Camp Phone Calls

If there is a problem or emergency concerning your child you will be contacted by a staff member.  In the event of an emergency at home and you need to contact us our Associate Executive Director, Michael Megraw, can be reached at (816) 674-7634.




No money is needed in our camping programs.  All of Heartland's programs are all inclusive.  There are no opportunities for campers to spend money.  Please leave all money at home.  

Laundry Facilities

No facilities are available to campers unless there is an emergency.  If you know that your camper has a tendency for bed-wetting please send extra sheets and indicate this on the medical form.  Discretely notifying their counselor at check-in can also help to ensure their tendency is known and can be handled with the utmost care.   

Lost and Found

All lost and found items will be kept for two weeks after August 31st before being donated to a local charity.  Please check your belongings when you pick up your child.

ACA Accreditation

Heartland is accredited by the American Camp Association and therefore adheres to the highest standards set by the camping industry. Heartland prides itself in its association with ACA and the hard work it requires to maintain this valued standing.

Still have questions?

Please call or e-mail our Program Director Jared Briscoe

Phone 816-891-1078,  or Email