When asked what it is that makes Heartland different, or what the best part of camp is, the staff usually expect a camper to respond with things like “Horses!”,  “the pool!”, or perhaps“the challenge course”. When the camper answers with “my counselor” or “the people I met at camp”, it makes a lasting impression on both staff and campers alike.

Did you ever work as a staff member at Heartland Center during a summer or year round? If so, you are a Heartland Alum, and you have helped us accomplish our goal of building relationships and impacting lives for Jesus Christ.

Through the years, God has touched the lives of tens of thousands of individuals and employed many people as staff members at Heartland Center. Because we know Heartland Center occupies a special place in the hearts of so many, and because you are special to Heartland, we have provided this section of our website to help us keep in touch with our Staff alumni.

Our camp transforms, our ministry grows, and the faces change, however, this doesn’t mean that our history should be forgotten. From the very beginning of our ministry, God has woven lives in and out of the tapestry of Heartland Center’s story and each life has made a difference. We are passionate about the history of Heartland Center and we are even more passionate about the people who have been a part of Heartland’s amazing story.  We view our staff as members of our family and family is never forgotten.  They are always welcomed home with open arms and we look forward to their visits; because there are things you share with family that no one else will ever understand.

You may come back to Heartland for a visit and walk to the dinning hall only to find that it has become the day camp building or visit the horses to find new fuzzy noses to pet; but we don’t want you to feel like a stranger. We will not forget you because you are a part of our family, and we don’t want you to forget us either. That’s why we want to provide you with ways to stay a part of Heartland Center’s growth…

By  sharing your story with us

By letting us know what you are up to

By joining the Staff Alumni Giving circle

By volunteering for the upcoming summer camping season

By donating or giving a gift

We want to thank our alumni for making Heartland such a special place to all of the people that have come through our doors. Please check back often for updates, Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and feel free to stop by for a visit!


Thanks to our Alumni Giving Circle, Heartland has been given some wonderful gifts!


We were given these awesome “Water Walkerz” along with program supplies to help kick-start our traveling day camp program!


Alumni gifted each overnight camper a customized Heartland Bible with inserts of camp songs and pictures!


We were given hitching posts (which our awesome work campers built!) down the hill from the new dining hall so that horse campers can ride down for dinner once a week.  This gives them a great riding opportunity and also shows our other campers how awesome horse camp is!