Overnight Camps

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Camp Age Group Pricing Tier Pricing
Creative Middle School $399 Tier 1: $399

Tier 2: $599

Tier 3: $899
Edge Middle School $399
Horse Middle School $399
Challenge Middle School $399 For more information
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Night Owl Middle School OR Senior High $399
Amazing Race Senior High $399
Service Partnership Senior High $399


For Middle School (Completed 6th-8th Grade)

July 14-19   $399

This camp is for anyone who loves being creative and wants to use their creativity to learn more about their creator. Within our 320 acre backyard, campers will get to explore God’s creation through art. During this 5 night camp, campers will get to learn and practice different creative skills. These skills include, painting, photography and even a nature art installation – no prior experience required! All of this is in addition to our typical camp activities like horseback riding and swimming. This is a 5-night camp housed in our Oak Place Lodge.



For Middle School (Completed 6th-8th Grade)

July 5-10   $399

Edge camp is meant to engage campers through the high ropes course, hiking trails and large group games. If you love competition this is the place for you. Your week is jam packed with crazy and fun group competitions for everyone. Housed in our Oak Place lodge campers will experience a community of Christ dedicated to growth while living on the “Edge.” This is a 5-night camp housed in our Oak Place Lodge.


Kansas City Christian Middle School Horse Camp.jpeg

For Middle School (Completed 6th-8th Grade)

July 26-31   $399

Explore God’s creation at Heartland Camp from horseback. You’ll be partnered with one of our experienced trail horses as you learn western trail riding, basic horse care, and enjoy being immersed in a Christ-centered community! You’ll also get to enjoy the fun activities of camp (swimming, low and high ropes, archery) and will participate in cooking meals over a campfire.  This is a 5-night camp and is housed in our Hogans.


Middle School Senior High Midwest Challenge Course Camp.jpg

For Middle School (Completed 6th-8th Grade)

July 14-19   $399

Come ready for an week that challenges you to stretch yourself, build confidence and have crazy adventures as you go deeper in your relationship with God. We’ll pack the week with challenges on our state of the art challenge course. Also experience our low challenge team-building course and the rest of our camp activities like swimming, archery, campfire cooking, etc. Form life long friendships and be at home in a Christ-centered community. This is a 5-night camp housed in our popular platform tents.

Night Owl

For Senior High (Completed 9th-12th Grade)

This is a 5 day camp housed in our platform tents.

July 19-24    $399

For Middle School (Completed 6th-8th Grade)

This is a 5 night camp housed in Pete's CabinOak Place, and Trask Lodge.

July 19-24   $399

Do you like staying up late and sleeping in? The good news is, God’s love is 24/7! The unique schedule of this camp may be just what you are looking for. Life for a Night Owl camper begins with breakfast at “lunch time,” lunch at “dinner time,” and cooking a late dinner over the campfire under the stars. Night Owl campers will enjoy a wide range of camp activities like high and low challenge courses, field games, archery, night swims, night hikes, night games and worship. There is plenty of time to get to know others, yourself, and God by the light of the moon!

Amazing Race

For Senior High (Completed 9th-12th Grade)

July 5-10    $399

One of our most unique camps is gearing up for its 8th adventure. Contrary to popular belief there are no athletic skills needed to get through this race. In addition to our AMAZING road trip adventures you will have classic camp experiences like Bible study, swimming, group time, campfire worships, night games and more. You will gain leadership skills as you race with your small group accomplishing challenges that make the daily Bible study themes come alive. We take the intentional Christ-centered community that makes camp incredible into the “real world” allowing you to put your faith into practice.

*All transportation, meals and activities are included (even travel snacks!)

This is a six day camp, ending Saturday morning at 10.

For Senior High (Completed 9th-12th Grade)

Service Partnership

Adults with disabilities camp volunteer Kansas City Midwest.jpg

For Senior High (Completed 9th-12th Grade)

July 26-31    $399

This amazing service-oriented camp is one of the most loved experiences that Heartland has to offer. Spend an awesome week serving adults with developmental disabilities. During this week of camp it is difficult to tell whose life is changed most, our campers, our staff or our Service Partners.  One thing is sure, this week is unlike any you’ve ever had! In this camp, you will grow in ways you never dreamed of as you help lead these wonderful children of God in Bible study, games, crafts, swimming and worship. This is a 5 night camp. Housing is in Pete’s Cabin, Trask Lodge, and Oak Place

**Service Partners are eligible to submit their time spent at Heartland for service hours