Are you new to our Heartland community or our Overnight programs?  

Here are frequently asked questions by first time or prospective parents: 

My child has never stayed anywhere overnight, what if they get homesick? 

Our counselors are trained to handle homesickness with grace and empathy.  We don't take it lightly and we work very hard to ensure that each child feels safe, loved and a part of our Heartland Camp community.  Homesickness is handled on an individual basis and with extreme care.  Parents are always contacted and involved in the decisions for their children and their experience at camp.

What if my child doesn't know anyone going to camp during their week/session?

We’ve been doing this for 57 years, and during those years we have seen many campers come not knowing anyone, and leave at the end of the week with a camp family.  We work hard to be sure that our counselors are trained to create an inclusive environment for campers to be themselves, open up to new friendships and have a life changing week.  We know coming to a new place and not knowing anyone is hard...but it seems that leaving a close knit camp family at the end of the week may be even harder.

We don't attend a church on a regular basis, can we still attend Heartland?

Heartland camp is open to anyone interested in signing up.  While everything we do is Christ-centered and faith based, we don't require anyone registered to attend a certain church or attend regularly in order to participate in our programs.  

What if we can't afford the prices listed on the website?

Scholarships are provided by generous and caring individuals who want to help children and youth have a camp experience.  Many campers benefit from these donations every summer.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please complete and return this 2016 Scholarship Request Letter.  Be sure to fill out the section of how God will or has impacted your child through Heartland Camp.  Scholarships are limited to one camp session per camper. We encourage you to also contact your local church, as many congregations provide full or partial camp scholarships.

Campers whose families are members of congregations in the Presbytery of Northern Kansas are eligible for 1/3 scholarships from the Presbytery. Be sure to check this box while registering online.

You will be notified once your scholarship has been approved.

We live outside the Kansas City area, is the drive worth it? 

Absolutely.  We believe that our programs and the community created within a week at Heartland Camp is one of a kind and life changing.  These are experiences that alumni talk about years and years later.  Past campers return with their families to continue the tradition of investing in faith formation and life long memories for our younger generations. Camp family is forever.The drive is always worth it.