Younger Children

If you have young children around the ages 4 to 9 Family Camp is the perfect place for them to grow. They get to use their imagination and creativity to explore the outdoors, play games, and make crafts while still being in the structure and familiarity of the family. What can be better than getting to experience with your child the joy of play, the excitement of exploring, not to mention experiences like their first horseback ride or creek walk?

Zero Entry Pool with water slide

How is the weekend structured?

Family Camp is a great mix of structured and unstructured time. On Saturday afternoon there is free time to choose activities like the pool or archery or make your own fun exploring camp. This freedom allows you to build a unique memory with your family. There are also multiple structured activities throughout the weekend that allow parents to participate with their children without leading. In addition there is a parents time Saturday morning to allow parents to talk with one another while the kids play with our trained staff.

highlander castles

What are the dining arrangements?

Meals at Family Camp include hearty main dishes, attractive salads, and yummy desserts.  Our meals are based on our summer camp menu so they are kid friendly, even to the pickiest of eaters. All meals are served in our beautiful Grace Hall.  Each dish incorporates nutritious options for guests including those with special dietary needs. 

creek walks

Engaging Family Bible Study

chalk drawings


foam archery

HorseBack Rides (Lead Ride Age 4+)

What are my family's sleeping arrangements?

Each family bunks in their own private room which is great for an early bed time or a nap in the afternoon. Each room is climate controlled and has their own private bathroom. We will place you in a room that best suits your family.


What will we learn at family camp?

Heartland's family camp is focused on having each family grow together in Christ. The worship time is filled with high energy camp songs that they will love and remember way past your time at family camp. Our Bible study has elements for each age group, allowing the whole family to study and learn together with each person interacting with the lesson at their level.

explore, Run, and Play

Fun-Filled Worships