I am always excited for the first snowfall of the year. It always feels like a special event. Maybe it is the hope of snow days filled with hot chocolate. Maybe it is the promise of things that haven't been done in almost a year; snowball fights, snowmen, sledding or snow forts. Even the chore of shoveling the driveway doesn't seem too bad... well not everything is perfect. As Heartland awaits its first snowfall of the year we decided to adapt some camp games for the snow!

Scream and Sled

Scream and Run is a camp game that is as fun as it is simple. Starting in the same place each person takes turns running to see who can get the farthest. The catch is you can only run while screaming, once you stop screaming you have to stop running. The winter version of this follows the same rules only instead of running while screaming, you scream while sledding down the biggest hill you can find!

Sprozen Tag

Sprout tag is a Heartland Camp favorite. It is very similar to dodge-ball only there are no teams. This is the frozen version of sprout tag. Before the game begins set up a rectangle playing area using cones, shovels, snowmen or just lines in the snow. Make it big enough for everyone to have room to run around but small enough that people will have to face one another. Once the game starts everyone has to stay in the rectangle. To start the game, place everyone in corners and a pile of around 10 snowballs in the center. Once the game starts it is free for all dodge-ball. Players can either use the already made snowballs or make their own. Normal dodge-ball rules apply. If you get hit or if someone catches your snowball without it breaking then you become a frozen sprout. These sprouts crouch down to show they are out of the game. Sprouts get back into the game when the person who got them out gets out themselves. When you are a sprout you can make snowballs for yourself to use when you get back in or to give to someone. Like normal dodge-ball hits to the head and face do not count. This version of tag is sure to add fun to any snow day!

Parrot Eye

Parrot Eye is the indoor version of the camp game Eagle Eye. This game is perfect for warming up after a long day playing in the snow. The rules are the same as Eagle Eye only the game is played indoors. This game is similar to Hide and Seek, one person is it and the rest have to go hide. The trick is that the people that hide have to be able to see some part of the parrot (the one who is it) at ALL times. You are not allowed to move or duck your head even when they are looking in your direction. The parrot is not allowed to move from their spot. They can duck and pivot but they must stay in the same spot. This game is played best in an open area of the house where there are multiple different areas to go to. The last person to be found then becomes the next parrot. This is a great way to spend long winter days without video games or TV!

We hope you have fun with these games! In the meantime we will be dreaming up new and creative games for next summer!

Written by: Jared Briscoe