Stop, collaborate and listen, Ice is back with… well the rest of that song isn’t relevant at all. The stopping part is though.

This is a finals week devotional for all you crazy college kids out there. Finals is a time of chaos, of busyness, of huge deadlines, and lots of stress. In all of that it can be hard to stop. Hard to stop worrying, stop studying, and let’s be honest stop procrastinating. It is easy to get so caught up in our lives and our stress that we forget the most important things. We forget God.

So to reset you need to take a lap, no really get up and walk. Walk around for 5-10 minutes. Take a leisurely stroll through your friendly neighborhood library or perhaps even go outside for the first time in 27 hours. Your goal is to leave all the finals stress behind for just a little while (trust me it will be there right were you left it when you get back) to focus on God. So while you walk notice what is around you, make a list of things you are thankful for, talk to God in a British accent. The one thing you aren’t allowed to do is think about your finals or projects.

Now that you have taken your lap. Take another 5-10 minutes to read Psalm 103. As you read here are a couple questions to think about.

  1. What attributes of God did you notice in these verses? Is God kind, angry, patient, sorta sassy?
  2. How does who God is affect your life? Think about the attributes you found individually. (e.g. If God is kind, what does that mean for me?)
  3. What are things from your last semester that you can praise God for?

We at Heartland are praying for you and your finals week. Take Luck! (If you don't get the reference you need procrastinate a bit and watch this video)

By: Jared Briscoe