1.      You’re outside - a lot.

The Importance of the Outdoors” highlighted many of the benefits of outdoor play.  The outdoors has the potential to increase vision, increase motor skills, improve your mood and increase vitamin D intake.  Did you know it’s impossible to receive the daily amount of Vitamin D necessary through food alone? That's amazing! We were created to be outside! At camp your youth has the chance to be outdoors, reaping all the awesome benefits playing outside provides.

2.     Camp builds confidence.

Heartland is a place where campers can be who they are no matter their personality.  Every camper is accepted and loved here.  Our staff is trained to notice, affirm, and empower camper's gifts and abilities.  Being accepted for who they are and valued for their unique gifts creates confidence that will last much longer than the week of camp.

3.     Location, Location, Location!

Heartland Camp is 320 acres of Holy Land located in Parkville, MO just northwest of Kansas City. We are near 435 highway and interstate 70 so driving to and from is really easy!  Not only is Heartland an easy place to travel to, it is also a sacred space where people feel loved, accepted and can feel God’s presence. 

4.   They develop independence.

When you send your youth to Heartland, they have the chance to learn how to problem solve and be away from their parents for a week.  My time at summer camp as a kid, really helped prepare me for when it was time for me to go to college.  I had already lived without my parents for a week every summer, so surely I could handle only seeing them once a month, right?

5.     Unplug from Technology.

Technology is dominating the culture of teens.  Sending your kids to Heartland will give them the chance to unplug and be disconnected from the internet and social media sites.  On average teens spend 189 minutes using technology and only 10 minutes reading or playing outside per day.  For more information on how much technology youth are using visit- http://www.chicagonow.com/between-us-parents/2015/04/stats-about-teens-technology-and-social-media/

6.      S’mores on S’mores on S’mores

S’mores are a must at camp and we can guarantee that every summer camper will be able to indulge in this camp favorite.

7.      Jesus as the foundation.

More than anything, we want campers to leave Heartland knowing that they are loved by a mighty God who can help them overcome any obstacles or anxieties they may be having. 

8.      Faith adventure, it doesn’t end at Heartland!

We once had a mom tell us a story of her son, Isaac.  Isaac was a camper, here at Heartland and received a Bible while at Camp.  His mom told us that he couldn’t stop reading his Bible and that he would sleep with it under his pillow at night.  Isaac’s parents would have to close his bedroom door all the way at night because if any light entered his room he would be up, reading more of God’s word.  We are so thankful Isaac has found joy in the Lord and is able to adventure in his faith, even after his week of camp ended.

9.      Belonging- Found at Camp

I can say from personal experience, that camp is a place where one finds belonging.  The questions “Am I liked?”, “Will they make fun of me?”, and “Do I fit in?” are nowhere to be found during a week at Heartland.  Youth build strong relationships with other campers and camp staff.  Your kids will always have a home at Heartland.

Bonus- I forgot to mention all the awesome activities and opportunities!  Archery, horseback riding, challenge course, rock climbing and so much more!

Love and Blessings,

Emily Henry, Heartland Intern