What a day! What a trip! What a time to be alive!

We started the day in 2 Samuel 11 which holds the story of David and Bathsheba.  Long story short, King David takes advantage of Bathsheba while her husband is at war.  I could go on and on about the details of this story that I normally overlook, but I think the main point that I gathered today was that the blame in this story is usually placed on David. Really, if you think about it, Bathsheba also had a part in this.  Why was she bathing on the roof? Why did she choose to do it in broad daylight?  When she knew the King was home?  Bathsheba was a stumbling block for David that he definitely tripped on.  It had me thinking- how am I a stumbling block in other peoples lives? How do I cause others to sin and how can I prevent that?

Afterwards we went into Hezekiah's tunnel.  Hezekiah's tunnel is underground, holds a foot of water (two to three feet in the deeper spots!) and is about a half mile long.  It took us thirty five minutes to get through.  I started this adventure through the tunnel incredibly excited.  Five minutes in, some anxiety hit as we turned off our flashlights and climbed through the cave in complete darkness.  I had been holding on to the backpack of the person in front of me for the entirety of the walk until I noticed the people behind me struggling with how dark and small the space was.  In that moment, I had an internal debate of whether I was going to continue following the group ahead of me or slowing down to lead those who were behind me.  I stayed with those behind me.  Let me tell ya, once I didn't have someone to hold onto, I had some serious tunnel vision (haha, get it?).  The one thing on my mind was the end of the tunnel and reassuring the people behind me that we were getting towards the end and that we would see the light soon.  I thought of all the people that had gone before me leading blindly.  It is a very humbling experience. 

We had Jerusalem bagels for lunch with assorted dipping sauces from Nutella to olive oil to hummus.  These are incredibly delicious and do you see their size?!?!? Also, these people are pretty cool too.

We ended our day at the Holocaust museum. It was so moving to see how Israel has processed the Holocaust.  Ronan (our tour guide), explained that to this day, it is hard to be Jewish.  There are still places where they are not allowed to openly show their religion or worship.  I can't imagine having restrictions on my faith.

Yesterday, we had the ability to go souvenir shopping and I was able to get some things for my family.  I also got myself a necklace with the star of Bethlehem on it.  If you know me well, it should not come as a surprise that one of my favorite pastimes is stargazing.  I love the symbolism of this star and all that means.  It led the wisemen to Jesus so surely it will be a reminder for me to follow Jesus, no matter the circumstance.

Emily Henry, Heartland Intern