So far this week, our Senior High Leadership (SHL) camp has been working together to lead through example and develop a strong sense of being Christ’s example in our actions. All of us have been working to step up and find ways to be helpful and deepen relationships with our younger friends.

One of their main jobs so far has been working with the horses as wranglers, leading rides for Day Camp and Trailblazers. During this time, they have been able to work closely with one horse and talk with their riders during each ride. These rides have shown a great sense of leadership both with the horses and getting to know the riders. The conversations were always comforting for the nervous riders and exciting for our anxious friends. Our Day Camp friends even invited us to swim with them to continue the relationships began at the corral.

The campers have been very engaged and open to spiritual growth. Morning Watch (Bible Study) and Vespers (evening worship) we have talked about what it means to be Created by God and Loved by God. A project for Thursday night and Friday morning is leading Staff Vespers and Bible Study. Together, everyone is figuring out what it means to be a part of the Body of Christ – acknowledging our strengths and challenges. Teamwork is important for building up the whole Body of Christ to work it’s best! We are all part of God’s Team!

Laughter is something that is constantly present as you find SHL around camp. From silly quotes to jokes, joy and humor help to brighten up the days of those in the group and those they meet. They have created a Haka Chant, taught silly songs, and encouraged laughter everywhere they roam.

It has been a true delight to be a part of their lives so far this week. Their energy, excitement, and willingness to jump in wherever they are needed has been a wonderful encouragement for all of us! God is continuing to shape them into strong leaders and it is my prayer that they take this week of camp with them and continue to grow in their faith.

Peace and Joy,

The Reverend Alison Paden

Director of Senior High Leadership