Hello! I’m Megan Anderson, the director of our Highlander legends and crusaders camps for this week. So far this week I have had an absolute blast getting to meet and hang out with our 13 campers and 3 counselors. Our camp family name is the LegenDAIRY Crusaders (because we love all things diary related) and this week our goal is to try something new, go on adventures, and spread God’s love. We are so excited to get to share with you a little about our week so far!

On Sunday, we all got settled down and played a few name games. We also came up with our fantastic camp family name and gave ourselves dairy related nicknames. The counselors and I found out right away that our campers are some of the smartest and most athletic people we know! And, right away, it was amazing to get to notice how well all our campers wanted to get to know each other and wanted to include each other with doing all activities. The energy and joy the LegenDAIRY Crusaders brought to camp was contagious and made games and song so much more fun!

On Monday, we learned about how “I AM created with a purpse”. It was great to get to see all of the campers working together and including everyone in making their own amazing creations. Each camper had very good ideas and thoughts to add for our morning watch (morning bible study). We learned how God created us with a purpose and has a unique plan for us. Later that day, we had a great time swimming at the pool and doing archery from the highlander castle! We had a great start to the week!

On Tuesday, we learned about how “I AM loved by God”. We played games and talked about how great God’s love is for us and challenged ourselves to show that love to others. We also got a chance to ride horses down some of our trails and got an opportunity to enjoy seeing with wonder of God’s creation at our camp. At pool time, we had a lovely diving board and jumping competition with at one point seeing who can jump best into the pool like a chicken!

Today, our day has started out great! All the campers taught me a new song that they have come up with about chickens. We learned about how “I AM in need of a savior”. At morning watch, we talked about God’s forgiveness and the importance of Jesus. We are spending the morning building epic forts and sand castles. I am consistently amazed by the creativity, inclusivity, optimism, and teamwork that our campers have shown this week. I am excited to continue to learn more about our most LegenDAIRY of campers!

Megan Anderson, Director of Highlander Legends