So, first off, a disclaimer: I am not an expert in archery, but I know enough about the basics. The basics are all about posture. Posture is the first step toward being able to shoot straight and true. Our feet must be placed just so, shoulders aligned and back straight.  If we have this correct our arrows fly true.

Our theme this week, along with archery, has been focused on our identity in Christ, centered around the phrase “I am”. Working with the youth this week we are talking about how we hold ourselves in Christ makes an enormous difference.  When we are grounded in God’s love for us (I am loved), when we are grounded in our knowledge that we need God’s grace and healing (I am in need of God), we begin to see the world more clearly and accurately. We begin to see the image of God in each other and treat each other accordingly.

Just over the past few days I have seen growth in these children. Let’s face it, it has been hot and sticky and it’s not always easy to get along when you’re tired. But here is what I have seen: the kids have worked together to make meals on a campfire and clean up. They have been encouraging each other at the archery range. They are learning new skills and respect for themselves and each other. Their posture toward the work and each other is changing. It is becoming more in line with the love of Christ and the community that is being created here.

So, thank you. Thank you for sending us your children and entrusting them to our care. I can’t wait to see what happens during the rest of the week.

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