This week at our Highlander Experience camp has been stuffed full of so many new experiences! We have been engaging into characteristics of Jesus, experimenting with some crazy science, encouraging each other to jump off the diving board, exploring nature and even giving some nice names to some bugs friends, and so much more! 


Today we started the day with some dry ice experiments! We watched the ice react to water, added some bubble mix and watched it bubble over. We loved popping the bubbles and watching the smoke poof away!


The best part was the second experiment when we made our own ice cream. Because we are all scientists, we may have accidentally made an ice cream volcano...and then let it explode! Even though we got a little messier than expected, the home made ice cream still tasted amazing!! 


Each day the campers get to go swimming in our camp pool, and each day at pool time I’ve gotten to see our campers grow together in fellowship. Whether it be joining together to capture the most pool noodles, keeping the big bouncy ball in the air, or encouraging each other to learn front flips off the diving board, this is my favorite time to watch the campers just be campers and explore together. 

IMG_6936 2.jpg

One experience that I saw the whole group light up at was our “Grand-Fam” time. This is a time when all the different overnight camps at camp this week come together and do our group chants, watch some skits, have a dance party/ concert, and play a crazy game we like to call “organized mass chaos," or O.M.C.

The group thought the skits were hilarious especially when Mr. Jared smeared a banana in his hair! The concert was so pumped up and the band sang songs that encouraged the group to know that their identity comes from the Lord!


Organized mass chaos was exactly as it sounds. I wasn’t there to whiteness it with my own eyes but let’s just say there was a lot of water and shaving cream and running involved... 

Our group name is “THE WILD” and we all have different animals that we are for the week. We chant our name and then do all of our animal noises at the same time. It’s a beautiful sound echoing through the trees (one you must really experience in person to understand).


As we continue on this week, the campers are definitely excited for archery and horseback riding on Friday morning! 

These highlander experience campers are some of the smartest kids I’ve seen! When given challenges, they know how to debunk the problems: whether it’s team building games, or simply not enough baking soda in our explosion, they are great problem solvers and innovators! 


This week is definitely a week of WILD EXPERIENCES!

Thank you so much for sharing your children with us and with what God is doing here at camp. I’m so happy that we are all able to experience his greatness together!

With Love,

Sarah Irby, Guest Director: Highlander Experience