Hey there! I'm Cam - a counselor here at Heartland. This week, I had the opportunity to Direct your Highlander Archery group. It's truly been a joyful week!

highlander archery funny.jpg

A small moment I won’t forget was pool time on Tuesday. It was slightly drizzling when we got in, but within moments, God opened the flood gates and it was a complete downpour! Instead of complaining about the rain the kids had an insane amount of fun! Climbing on floaties, a fun game a basketball (with the counselors), and I even saw a few campers dancing in the shallow end.

An event I am looking forward to this week would definitely be the various archery activities I have planned. On Thursday I’m bringing an RC car and tying a helium balloon to it and the campers will be shooting a moving target! Archery has already been a HUGE success this week. On Monday the campers played tic-tac-toe, and on Tuesday they shot balloons! 


The kids have been forming great relationships with each other as well. They have been very inclusive and usually very eager to participate! 


Here's to a great rest of the week!