Remember Middle School?

That wacky combination of body changes, wire braces, tougher classes, and all the feels...

Not to mention the people. In and out of your life, back and forth like the did you know who you could count on? Or what to do, for that matter. It was a wild ride, undoubtedly. 

What if you could do it again? What would make it better?

In our books, we think Middle School is done best by staying awake into the depths of the night with peers that were strangers just days ago...

Enter: Middle School Night Owl Camp! 

This camp is one of our FAVORITES of the summer. We eliminate those feelings of teen awkwardness and individualism, and combine Middle School-aged kids with late night talks about our Lord, outdoor games in the black of night, crazy camp activities, daily cookouts, and restful mornings. This unique schedule and format brings out the wonderful, playful side of your precious children, allowing them to develop new skills, friendships, and learn more about who God has created them to be.

What better way to bond with fellow Middle Schoolers?

Great moments happen all the time around here, but this week's Middle School Night Owl Director Jared Briscoe has a few of his own:

“Cooking our second breakfast over the campfire has been my favorite part of the week. During that time I have seen impromptu volleyball games, singing dance parties, and incredibly creative campfire cooking (particularly in the use of cheese)..."

Why is it so special, you ask?

Well, it's " these times, I see our camp families form." Jared says. 

And that's just it. In all the craziness that life as a tween can bring, this camp is about community, learning, growing, forming lasting friendships, having a family in Christ, and loving deeper than ever before. 

If it takes late nights to do it, we'll gladly be the ones to help. 

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