As your kiddos spend time at Heartland this summer, you can also have the opportunity to learn a little bit more about their fearless leaders!

Overnight Program Assistants

Meet Cameron Sorter, our Overnight Camp Program Associate! “I’m excited to work with all of the kids this summer, build friendships with them, and be a person they can entrust with their questions. The cool thing about Heartland is that everyone here truly cares about the kids & loves being around them. Overall, I’m just excited to share the love that I’ve been shown here with the campers this summer.

Here are some fun facts about Cam:

  • Can spin a basketball on a pencil

  • Ran track and cross country in college

  • Terrified of turkeys

  • Once lost a game of P.I.G. to an Alpha during swim time


Meet Anna Rasmussen, our Overnight Camp Program Associate! “The thing I’m most excited about being an overnight PA is getting to support the counselors in building the best possible friendships with their kids and being able to connect with kids from all the different groups we’ll have every week at camp! I love seeing a new group of campers every week getting to have fun, be kids, and hear about Jesus!”

Here are some fun facts about Anna:

  • Can recite 150+ digits of Pi at any time

  • Loves rollerblading, especially on trails

  • Loves music & is a part of 2 choirs at her university

  • Member of the fencing team at her university


Stationary Day Camp Assistants

Meet Sammy, our Parkville Day Camp Program Assistant! “My favorite part about being a day camp PA is doing all the work that enables the counselors to just focus on their kids. I take all the stress out of their day and let them spend all their time sharing the love of Jesus with their campers. To be able to help them do that is so rewarding for me.”

Meet Julie, our Olathe Day Camp Program Assistant! “My favorite part about being a day camp PA is seeing children grow in front of my very own eyes. Many bloom and come out of their shell throughout the week and it is so beautiful to see. It’s truly the awesome counselors that help make this the case too. Friendships are made, and kids feel at home.”

Traveling Day Camp Assistants

Meet Kristen, our Traveling Day Camp Program Associate. “My favorite part of being a traveling day camp program associate is getting to see all the time, effort, and passion that the counselors pour into their campers! They spend a lot of time learning and preparing and a lot of time being nervous about whether or not they’ll be a counselor that glorifies God and guides kids down the right path, so it’s really inspiring to see their campers respond so positively to all of their efforts! I love being able to see the fruit of their endeavors!”