“Edgy” is defined as being “at the forefront of a trend,” “experimental,” or “avant-garde.” This week at Middle School Edge Camp, we had a golf theme. We did all of the typical camp activities such as swimming and horseback riding. However, to “up” our edge factor, we threw in some games such as “Footgolf” (like regular golf, but with soccer balls and feet as clubs), the World’s Craziest Game of Extreme Put-Put, and Archo-Golf (that’s right, bows as clubs and arrows as balls). We also played Multi-Sport Golf (you’ll just have to ask your campers about it), and had a Rice Krispie Treat Sculpture Contest.

None of these activities compare to the edginess of the culture of camp we created where all are accepted, valued, needed, and loved as brothers and sisters in Christ. This acceptance and love can be difficult to find in a fast-paced, self-first culture. What a wonderful week it has been so far with twenty teenagers who learned to work as a team, support one another, and care for each other. Perhaps as they return to their daily lives, the world may be a little more of an edgy place (the good kind, that is).

Dan Scheneman