This week Highlander Secret Agent has been up to some serious cases. A new “organization” called Y.U.h.M. is trying to take all of the desserts from camp and there’s no one to help us…. until now! On Sunday night, we went through “training” learning how to share secret codes, weave our way through a laser (yarn) grid, and more. After training, we headed to worship where we talked about how we belong to God and how that truth matters more than anything! As soon as worship ended we were contacted by a member of the alliance that is trying to keep desserts at camp and given our first real mission!

We spent yesterday shooting archery and practicing our accuracy for the challenges ahead. We enjoyed a nice, cool swim in the afternoon (because even secret agents need to relax from time to time). After dinner we were sent on a scavenger hunt looking for clues all over camp. Someone’s been helping us, and we don’t know who, but it lead us to Y.U.h.M. operative. We’re starting to learn who we can and can’t trust. Speaking of trust, we ended last night at worship where we talked about how big our God is and that He has created everything.

This morning half of us are headed to ride horses and the other half is headed to the challenge course to do the giant swing. After swimming again this afternoon (uncovering a Heartland global conspiracy is hard), we’ll be playing a large group game called organized mass chaos. We’ll finish today with Vespers and one more top secret mission!

Needless to say, this week has been a blast. Our kids at Secret Agent camp are filled with energy and can’t wait to put an end to Y.U.h.M. once and for all. Also, they’ve been asking so many questions about the Lord and at Vespers (worship) each night, and they have shared soooo much about the Bible! 

So, thank you for letting us dream up conspiracies for your campers to solve. They are doing an awesome job and are having a blast standing up for our rights to have desserts at camps! 

Michael Megraw, Secret Agent Camp Director