This week in Senior High Night Owl camp we are pursuing a deeper relationship with God through the relationships we are building and times we have to get into the Word at camp.

This group of night owls is deeply encouraging to one another. They all know each other from past years at camp, which has only improved the conversation and community they are able to have with each other. Some of the best times of encouragement I've seen from this group is when they are back up at their campsite, Valley View, making meals together and hanging around playing games afterward.

This group is also deeply thoughtful. This is expressed in the way they attentively listen to morning watch and vespers. I have seen a lot of groups approach these two times of the day in many different ways in my time at Heartland, and these SHNOs are just serious about it.

Thank you all so much for sharing your children with us this week. It's pretty blatantly clear that God placed each of them here this week in order to teach them new things. I am so excited this is the week I was able to volunteer out here.


Nic Beach

SHNO Director