This week has been so much fun so far at STEM camp with an all-girl family group! The Wild Childs (their team name for the week) have experimented with bleaching team bandanas and building solar ovens and homemade catapults from pizza boxes, popsicle sticks, spoons and more. Other highlights have included a competitive game of water polo and getting to ride horses on a trail ride!

We still have lots of awesome plans for the week: we're planning a creek walk, we're going to be making a way to power a lightbulb using only a small generator and normal household supplies, and we're going to grow our own colorful crystals on Thursday night!

One part that I've definitely enjoyed is getting to lead vespers, a time of evening worship, every night. These girls LOVE singing songs around the campfire (or in the pool, like tonight!) in the evenings, and it's been so fun to get to know them better and to talk to them about how awesome God is during this time.

In Christ,