This week at Work Camp we have dedicated ourselves
to deepening our relationships with the Lord through service. This has taken shape in a project to spruce up the Highlander Cabins as well as many other mini missions around camp.

 The Highlander Cabin project consists of building fire pits, processing firewood, painting chalkboard walls, and painting the cabins, benches, and tables with different accent colors. We have absolutely seen God in our campers this week. Not only are they taking on the task of painting our Highlander Cabins different colors, they are also willing to challenge themselves spiritually. This week we have been talking about prayer and explaining how our conversations with the Lord don’t need to be practiced. They can instead be a conversation between children and our heavenly Father.

On and off the work site the campers were always able to make room for fellowship and fun. Our campers are especially creative when it comes to food; we’ve seen mounds of salad with inventive toppings, biscuits and gravy sandwiches, rice crispy treats made over the fire, and a poutine party. From more relaxed games like Fairytale or cards to more high energy ones like GaGa ball, Sprout Tag, or basketball at pool time our group has been able to grow closer through all of the silliness each game brings. And then of course there are the spontaneous activities that don’t fit into any category but are where we’ve seen the Holy Spirit move the most. These include post evening worship dance parties and sitting in our cabin laughing about the day’s events. Although it is already Thursday and we have a lot to be thankful for, we still have a ton to look forward to.


Thank you so much for sharing your children with us. The Lord called each of them here and we are so grateful to have been able to witness His work.  

Grace and peace,

John and Emma

Co-Directors of Work Camp