The 2015 camp season finished with a bang. Well… it was more like Bible studies, songs, games, and lots of fun but you get the idea. Our second annual Winter CamFam reunion was awesome! Heartland had the pleasure of serving 35 campers this last weekend. Our theme was Crossroads, focusing of Proverbs 3: 5-6. Campers learned that God is always there to give direction and guidance, because He cares for them. They also learned that through God’s strength they can do anything, even if they seem too young or the situation too difficult.

When campers weren’t learning about God, they were building relationships through games, crafts, and skits. Some highlights from the weekend include a Christmas themed Family Feud and decorating rice crispy wreaths. Along with camp classics like archery, gaga ball and sprout tag. As someone who was able to see each part of the retreat my favorite part was our final activity on Saturday. To finish the day Saturday campers created skits in family groups. As part of these skits campers decorated one of their counselors as a Christmas tree to play a central role in the skit. The skits were funny, filled with trees shopping for Christmas people and Australian Christmas trees with spot-on accents. They were creative, each group came up with their own Christmas song parody. They were also heartfelt, focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.

Though the skits caused me to think, laugh and even say awwww. The reason the skits were my favorite part of the weekend is that the skits reminded me of my experience as a camper. Camp was one of the first places I felt at home. Where I could be completely silly with my friends. Where I could trust the people around me. Where I belonged. I saw that in the skits. Campers were completely comfortable, they were silly and loud without once looking around to see who was watching. They were open to one another, trusting that no matter how the skit went they would be loved by their group. Among Australian accents and Christmas song parodies they belonged. That is what Christmas and camp are all about.

Written by: Jared Briscoe