This week with the All Star campers has been one of the best of my summer. 

First, let me start with explaining that I got the honor of being both the Director of All Stars as well as a counselor for them. This gave me a chance to spend even more time with your campers. And we have had an amazing time.

There are several memories that stand out as I think about our week together so far, first was our Creek Walk- we got muddy and wet (which helped us cool off quite a bit) and our group really enjoyed looking for frogs. We even found one, the campers got really excited to be able to spend time in nature.

We have, of course, played a lot of sports! Because that is what All Stars is about! Basketball, swim time water polo, and gaga ball have all been huge hits with our group. Our campers also really enjoy playing a card game called "Exploding Kittens" so be sure to ask them about that!

Our group is incredibly close knit. My favorite part of seeing them together is that they are great at vocalizing their appreciation of one another. That is rare in campers this age, so I appreciate how open they are with each other.

Vespers with your campers has been incredible. One night, we did a "Listening Prayer". This involved listening for the Lord to remind them of things and put them on their hearts. We talked about what they had experienced after the prayer. It was a great moment to spend with them. 

Thank you for allowing me to spend the week with your wonderful campers.

Tyler Brotton,

AllStar Counselor and Director