Quackin' Dragons Unite!

They started out as strangers but have come together to make an incredible, cohesive group of funny, quacking, inspirational campers! Through different group building activities and having counselors who are willing to be just as silly, they have been a wonderful group to get to know. 

The Highland Legends have named themselves the Quackin' Dragons--be sure to ask them to share with you their team chant when they get home! 

It has been HOT but these awesome campers don't seem to mind!  They are having a blast at the pool, in crafts, archery out of a castle, playing tons of games, and chillin' in hammock village.

They are deep thinkers in morning watch when they contemplate and discuss how they are loved by God and where they see God at camp. In Vespers, one of the nights I read a story called "You are Special" by ___ I had the campers act it out. And your campers are so incredibly creative, let me tell you. So, the next night, when we were reading the story of Jonah, they specially asked to act it out. It made me happy to see them growing in their faith through creativity.

This week has been full of questions, creativity and Disney sing-offs already. They enjoy brainteasers and riddles and challenging each other. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings--they are so fun and full of energy it's going to be an adventure!  God is good! 

Emily Nelson Dixon

Director of Highlander Legends