First off, we would love to introduce ourselves. Our names are Matt and Michelle and we are the directors of Horse Camp this week. We were both campers and went on to be staff members for two years. We are so happy to be back home at Heartland and to share our love for this place with your children. We truly believe they will leave here with a love for Heartland and Jesus. 

This week at Horse Camp we have seen God working through our time spent with His beautiful creation. The campers have had daily interactions with the horses including time to groom them, make horse treats, learn to saddle and bridle, and of course, ride. Their daily rides are spent on different trails throughout Heartland and the campers have enjoyed seeing The Lord’s creation from a whole new perspective. We also had the opportunity to go to Stonecrest Farms to learn about the training and care of race horses and meet award winning horses.


Campers have also learned to have faith while living in the wilderness. Cooking breakfast over an open fire everyday has been a fun time for the campers to grow as a family group. They have been coming up with creative ways to prepare food. For example, making pancake batter like scrambled eggs… Surprisingly enough, it’s amazing! Not all our time has been spent with horses and in the wilderness. The campers have also enjoyed pool time, archery, Grand Fam time with the rest of camp, the challenge course, various games like Fairytale, Contact, and Sponge Sprout Tag, and so much more. 

We have seen Jesus Christ as a living example through our campers through their ability to create an all-inclusive community on day one. Having two family groups can be challenging as they do not spend all their time together, but your children have done an amazing job at becoming one big family through worship, dinner, horse class, and large group games. It is clear to us that The Holy Spirit is present in their interactions and love for each other.

We are so thankful that you entrusted us with your children this week. They are so special and loved deeply by their counselors, directors, and most importantly, Our Creator. 


Matt & Michelle

Horse Camp Directors