This week at middle school Horse Camp, we have been able to experience God through learning about horses and ourselves. The campers were so excited to meet their horses for the week during horse class on Monday. Since then, we have had so many adventures both on and off the horses.


The campers dubbed their family group the Fire Squad due to their awesome fire starting skills used to cook breakfast each day. The home away from home for the Fire Squad is Valley View. The campers have enjoyed the warmth and shelter provided by the recently renovated hogans. Everyone pitches in at meal time cooking, cleaning, and maintaining the fire.


When the Fire Squad isn’t busy with the challenges of living in the wilderness, they can be found enjoying other camp activities, such as swimming (although, the horses aren’t allowed in the pool). 


The Fire Squad participated in Grandfam which included skits, an all-camp game, and a concert. The counselors and a few of the campers showed off their dance moves during the concert.


Between Morning Watch and Vespers. Campers have been focused on learning how to become rooted in Christ. There have been several opportunities to share experiences with others. The campers have really opened up during these times and have grown significantly in their understanding of a relationship with Jesus. 


On Wednesday, we took a field trip to meet a few officers of the Kansas City, MO Mounted Patrol as well as their horses. We learned about their jobs and the ways horses help them serve the Kansas City community. We also saw a horse chiropractor and the Kansas City K-9 unit while we were there. We then enjoyed Morning Watch and a game of sprout tag in Swope Park. The day finished with a horse ride down to Grace Hall for dinner and a special swim at the pool.


The Fire Squad is looking forward to finishing the last days of camp with a lot of jokes and more great horse adventures.

Go Serve,