Amazing Race campers and counselors have been going strong since Sunday! The campers have spent their days on either the Orange or Blue team trying to earn points in their epic battle for first place! A few of the things they have done are challenged themselves on the high ropes, rode the street car, gone to the city market, experienced astronaut training exercises, hung out under the St. Louis arch, walked thousands of steps and found out they share a love for singing along to “Sweet Home Alabama.”


As we play and grow together we are learning that God is always with us and can show up in ways we least expect it.

We have experienced Jesus as a friend through relying on each other. We have learned that much like some of our favorite teachers, Jesus is a teacher who meets us where we are and pushes us forward. We have learned that even though there are hurts that are inevitable in our lives, Jesus works as a healer.


           Today the campers have enjoyed a little more relaxed schedule and being back on camp grounds. They tested their culinary skills with a boys verses girls cooking challenge, refreshing swim before heading to our evening worship where they have prepared skits to present to the group. After a good night’s sleep they will be ready for one final day of racing around Kansas City. We can’t wait to share pictures and more stories with you at our closing on Saturday morning!

Suzanne Whitt and Jennifer Scheneman, Amazing Race Co-directors