Meet Sam and Sara Richardson, the duo behind a passion project: From Camp to Camp. Their mission? To capture the power of Christian camp and share their experiences with the world. 

This power couple lives out of their trailer - and has for the past few months - as they travel from camp to camp across the US, volunteering their time at a variety of Christ-centered, inter-denominational organizations. 


"We're trying to capture an accurate image of the culture of Christian camping in this country." - Sam

Upon arriving at Heartland, Sara and Sam dove headfirst into the to-do list. Most of their time here was spent as wranglers, but they also enjoyed helping with meal times, cookouts, and morning watch (Bible study). They intermingled with the staff during meals, and got to work alongside the interns, learning about their backgrounds, what brought them to camp, and why they love this job. 


Through their search for summer camps, the Richards stumbled upon Heartland Camps, and commented on their first thoughts and vision for this place:

"Somewhere where everyone feels welcome to come when they need respite and fun... I really feel like (Heartland) is on the verge of that. Like, I see Heartland moving in that direction" - Sara


We are so thankful to have met these two and to share in their adventure. Please join us in prayer and support of the From Camp to Camp journey!