Hello from the Valley View Inn & Sweets! Because we are pretty sweet ;)

Our senior high horse camp this week is a small but mighty crew. We have bonded tightly while cooking breakfasts over our campfire, playing games, participating in slingshot and archery competitions, and interacting with the local wildlife.


The campers wasted no time finding connections and by Sunday night were already expressing sincere excitement that they had chosen camp over other possible activities this week.  One camper put it best when they said, "I'm so glad I came, because I feel loved and love everybody here!"  It has been a blessing to see the kids feel safe to discuss the challenges they face and universally support each other through it all.

During Archery/Slingshot time, we competed in several challenges. Everyone hit the archery targets at least once, and Skyler even completed the Peanut challenge among the slingshot targets-which included hitting a stop sign and 12 license plates, and more! It was great to see the everyone celebrate the achievement.

Yesterday the campers got to meet their horses for the week and go on their first ride. We finished our ride as the sun was going down.  It truly was a beautiful end to a great first full day. Their curiosity about the horses and each one's personality brings joy to this former lead wrangler's heart to get to share. 


Campers have seen deer, raccoons, moths, and a snake, and in true camp style, wasted no time naming their new acquaintances (In the case of the snake, they also wasted no time heading in the opposite direction).

We are looking forward to continuing to spend time with our horses and each other, as well as a special board game party tomorrow morning.

Thanks for blessing Heartland with these campers!

Angela Holstedt

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