Highlander Legends have been spending time looking for God this week. We have seen God in our activities, friendships and relationships. Here are some quotes about the places we have seen God.

"I saw today in the pool when we were playing basketball. I'm the shortest one but people made sure to include me. That felt really great."

"I saw God today when we took our hike to the corrals. The spider webs were spread across the path and were really beautiful. They reminded me that God has a purpose for everything."

"I saw God when we rode horses and people were brave and did something that was scary."


"I saw God in the epic rap battle between our counselors."

"I saw God today when we were playing our large group game with our Camp Fam and everyone was having fun and running around getting wet and dirty and stuff."


"We ALL see God in running water. Our first campsite had water problems so we got to move to a new campsite which we quickly fell in love with."


"I saw God today in Morning Watch when we were talking about God."

"I felt God when we were at Vespers and was reminded that God chose me and chooses me and nothing can ever change that."

I have been blessed to work with this group of "God's Rappers" as we have named ourselves. Each day brings new excitement and new ways to learn and grow.

We have played water basketball, water polo, covered ourselves with shaving cream and sunscreen, ridden horses, learned to work together as a team, prayed together, and have sung loud, soft, fast, and slow. We have danced frequently, laughed until we cried, and bonded as a group. One special activity was making rice crispy treats over the fire the first night in our new home. Everything tastes better after being made over a fire! We are looking forward to archery, the challenge course, Ga-Ga ball, more rapping, and time spent together as we see God at work in our lives. 



We will all return home with our cups full to overflowing, our energy well spent, and with stories to tell.  We have made many memories and opened our hearts to the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Nikki Cooley