Dreaming up of all the exquisite things we could do, I had not foreseen the quickness to which this group bonded as the Chef Ninjas. With all of our chef ninja names, kitchen rules such as saying “cold front” any time the fridge was opened, and our aprons tied we were ready for cooking to begin.


With help from our lead Kitchen chef, we began learning the technical way to chop, sauté and diced. Very quickly we learned that the hardest part of being in the kitchen was patience. All the fresh veggies we chopped and diced was the prep for our Five Star Ninja Star Restaurant we opened. Before making the homemade granola bars for camp, we conducted a tasting lab to identify salty, sweet and savory flavors. In addition, our big focus has been on creating the first ever Heartland Bake Sale. Lots of decorating is taking place today, turning all those cookies into fruit pizzas and turning blank cupcakes into works of art. 


Although cooking, learning and creating very delicious food has taken place this week, the part I am most proud of has been seeing how kind and ready to serve they are. Each and everyone of the Chef Ninjas are incredibly hard working, always willing to help out. Through this they have become such beacons of light for the way the Lord loves us. The best thing this week has been seeing such excitement with talking about the Lord. This group is a fantastic one, and it has been so much fun cooking, laughing and eating with all of them. 


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