Amazing Race Camp is off to a great start! This year the two teams (blue and green) are represented by a friendly stuffed mascot that campers helped accessorize in team color  Sunday night. 

Monday morning started off strong with the first off site clue leading to a farm! Campers had to harness a pig or a puppy and take them along as they fed and watered the farms livestock. Turns out neither animal were too cooperative but the campers did wonderful nonetheless! From there, campers searched for more clues all over Kansas City including Ikea, Ward Parkway Mall and the Country Club Plaza. Our busy day ended with an evening swim and a wonderful worship around a campfire. We are a pretty small group but you should hear us sing! 

God is definitely present in these campers. We have talked about the fact that because of God’s plan, everyone has a place to belong. We looked at the beginning of the story of Joseph and how he fit into his family and God’s plan, as well as Psalm 139 as evidence of that belonging.  In worship this week we will continue to look into the story of Joseph to see the wonder of how God can work in someone’s life.

The week is just starting but already we are forming great bonds. We are confident it is going to be an incredible week. You can support us by prayers for safe travels as we make our way to Omaha today to continue our race Nebraska style!  

Thanks so much!!

Jennifer Scheneman and Suzanne Whitt

Amazing Race Directors