Man, our creative campers sure are… well, creative. The first exhibit of their creativeness was their conception of their group name. You can refer to our middle school creative group as “the fizz.” Each one of them has taken the nickname of their favorite soda. Some crowd favorites are “Dr. Pepper” and “Fanta.”  Our campers have taken on the extra responsibility of carrying around their group mascot for the week, who they have named “Chad.” Chad is an off-brand liter of Sprite, and has been lovingly adopted into the group. If the girls make it through the whole week without opening Chad, they will each receive their favorite soda on Friday, so stay tuned! (Also, if you’re seeing photos of a liter of soda, this is why.) 

This week our campers are learning about how creating is a way to see God, learn more about God, and to praise God. The girls all lit up when they got a chance at “joyful painting.” Monday night we laid out several large pieces of paper and a sheet. The girls were instructed to joyfully paint a scene or object that brought joy to their hearts. The catch? They had to paint with brooms! Needless to say many a giggle and paint splatters ensued. 

Here are some highlights for each of the girls so far:

Stephanie had a great time at grand fam tonight with our all-camp game and watching skits. Her smile and laughter is so contagious!

Serinity got to take photos last night at vespers, amongst other girls. She did a great job taking pictures of the night sky, along with posing herself and other girls for some “ad worthy” photos. We love her joy for life!

Natalie is such a sweety. The first day she made a joke that showed others girls it’s okay to be silly and let down your walls. She’s a great leader in confidence and creating a community of acceptance.

Fern also helped with the "ad worthy” photos last night. Always smiling and energetic, Fern’s spirit adds nothing but positivity and joy to our group.

Bella is always singing, and last night she taught us sanctuary in sign language-- the whole group loved it!

Lily did a great job bringing her water polo team -Water Wonders- to victory!

Kaylin also brought the heat for the Water Wonders team by shooting several goals and energizing her team.

Audrey is down to participate in everything. From photography to water polo, she’s been eager to hangout with all the girls and try new things.

Ava lit up as she played our grand fam game last night and singing songs, sharing her smiles with all. 

Kate is a team player, she’s a quiet, confident leader who is quick to spend time with the other girls. Her laugh was contagious at Grand Fam last night during skits.

Alecia has had a great time helping with our fort building. From joyful painting, to building the structure and weaving fabric, she’s been a great and positive support for our creative endeavors.

Emberlyn’s sweet smile brings much joy to our group. We love hearing about her dancing and seeing her weave pieces for our fort!

We’re so excited for you all to see the fort we’re building, and the ways the Lord is inspiring our artwork this week. We’re hoping to find much inspiration from our field trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum today!

-Catherine & Lauren

Creative Camp Directors